Meet the growers



September 30, 2017

Amazonian Aguaje

Amazonian aguaje: The quality of our products reflect the complete organic process of aguaje; beginning with our growers in the amazon zone(Pucallpa and Iquitos in Peru). Aguaje is a well-known fruit in the Peruvian Amazon, in its adult stage it is a palm tree between 20 and 35 meters height , it has a sandy color, and have many fruits in its bunches, the fruits are of a dark orange color , it has a big brown seed inside . […]
September 20, 2017

Organic cacao native

The Peru owns 60% of the varieties of cocoa in the world and is the second largest producer of organic cocoa. We offer many special varieties of cacao such: blanco “porcelana”, chuncho, pangoa, etc. Special varieties of Creole cocoa Cacao Porcelana – Piura – Tumbes Cacao Porcelana is a special variety of Cacao Criollo. Its cultivation is very difficult because the production per hectare is minimal and has a low resistance to diseases. Approximately from 1000 flowers, only 1 becomes […]